Cheap and cute DIY room decor

I move about every two years, sometimes more and a lot of people I know who do the same just leave their rooms plain or just tape a few pictures to the wall because it’s easier then having to decorate every time they move. I love decorating though and my room tends to be a place I feel comfortable, but it can be expensive to decorate a whole room. Through  decorating a lot on a budget I’ve come across and made up some really cute DIYs.
The first one is a DIY canopy for your bed. All you need for this is hot glue or a needle and thread, white fabric(I used muslin because it tends to be on the cheaper side), a hula hoop, whatever strong you like and something to hang it to your ceiling with(like I said before I move a lot lot so I actually used a command hook). Since my hula was blu and silver before I did anything I put masking tape around it so it would be light brown, but if you like the color of your hula hoop this isn’t necessary.  to make the canopy all you do is measure the amount of fabric you need, cut it, tie four pieces of string to the hula hoop so you can hang it up once your done. Once you’ve done that hot glue or sew the fabric around the hula hoop, hang it up, and you have a canopy.

The second one is probably the cheapest, all you need is paper, scissors, and time. I traced three pictures of a paper butterfly’s I found online and then traced them onto paper until I thought I had enough. I then put on a show and began cutting out all the butterfly’s, once finished I folded them twice at middle so they would look like they were flying when I put them on the wall. After tracing, cutting, and folding the paper butterfly’s I put masking tape on the back and put them on my wall. I was really happy with how they turned out. Quick note: I used scrapbook paper because it is thicker, but printer paper should work.


The third DIY is a 3D picture. You will need a picture frame, paper, a black pen or marker, and flowers of your choice. The first step is just to draw your picture, I drew an anime style face because I knew I wanted to do a flower crown, you can do the same , or you can do a field of flowers, a base of flowers, or your own design. I’m not the best artist so I did mine in pencil first and then went over it with a sharpie pen. Once you have your design drawn glue on your flowers with hot glue and your done.



Using materials you already have to create something can be really cute and also save a lot of money. I already had everything I used, but if you need to purchase any of the items you can still find them very cheap. Most of the items you can get at the dollar store if you live in America, the only things you can’t purchase are the white fabric, masking tape, and the hot glue gun. Of corse not all dollar stores carry the same items, but the items are also sold online for fairly decent price.



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