DIY Calendar



I am an extremely unorganized person, who often either forgets to do things, or procrastinate’s to the last minute to get what I need done. To hopefully help me get more organized I decided to make a calendar.

To make it I took an old bulletin board (a piece of wood, a picture frame, or poster board would also work), copper paint to paint the boarder, chalkboard paper, masking tape, frames from the dollar store, dry erase makers, and small clothes pens. Of course you can do your own take on it and use whatever you want.


To start I painted the rim of my bulletin board copper, also since my board was very loved and no longer looks great, I used the back of it. After that I planned out where I wanted everything to go and layed it out.


Next I put the chalkboard paper on and made a grid with masking tape. I used short nails to hang my frames onto the board and hot glue to hang the small clothes pens. It’s extremely customizable, which is actually one of my favorite things about it.


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