How to display your wardrobe

Recently I’ve been turning my closet into an office, which I actually really love, but I then needed a place to put my clothes. All the really cute wardrobes that I wanted cost about $300, which is out of my price range, also I came across the idea of displaying your wardrobe and immediately started thinking of ideas. These are a few of my ideas, my wardrobe is quite small so it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be to find a place for everything, except shoes, probably have a few to many of those.

The first is actually a DIY for jewelry. I took a piece of wood(you can use a strait piece of wood like I did or you can use a letter, circle, arrow, whatever you want), and then I hot glued old doorknobs onto it, and hung some necklaces and a bracelet.


For this one all you need is some sort of string, a pice of wood and two nails. Tie the string to the wood, put two nails at the top of your wall, and tie the string at the top to whatever length you want it to be. After that you can put any accessories you want or you can hang it from your ceiling and use it to hang clothes.


If you have shelves, putting your clothes and accessories on them is super simple, but still really cute.

The last one is purchasing a wardrobe that you can see into, weather it doesn’t have doors is a dress rack or is made from something like wire that you can see into. I purchased this wardrobe from Ikea on sale for $50.



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