No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

img_1367Usually every October my family and I sit around the table and carve pumpkins together while eating pumpkin seeds. This year my siblings are all at college and my dads working, but on the bright side it gives me a chance to try out something new. Not wanting to deal with the clean up of pumpkin carving this year, and also being a little short on time, I decided to try no carve pumpkin decor. I came up with three designs I thought were cute and I think they turned out really well.

The glitter pumpkin. For the glitter pumpkin, all you need is glue and glitter. Just put the glue where you want, sprinkle the glitter on it, and your done.


The Flower Pumpkin. I just went to the dollar store and picked out a few that I liked then glued them to the pumpkin. If I did another one like this I think I would have used black or red flowers to make it more for halloween.



The Melted Crayons Pumpkin. If you do do this one make sure you have something layed out as it can create a big mess or if its not to cold do it outside. All I did was take the paper off the crayons, broke them in half, and used glue to stick them to the pumpkin. After the glue dried I took a blow dryer and melted the crayons. I also used a bit of glitter, but that’s just something I do, it’s completely optional.


That’s my three no carve pupkin ideas. I hope you like them!



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