Gift Wrapping Ideas






img_2065For these two I wrapped them in brown wrapping paper than used white spray paint to give them a design. Once they dried I decorated them with twine, raffia, little silver balls, and chalkboard labels.


img_1979img_1992I saw this idea and immediately fell in love with it. Using chalkboard paper or a solid colored paper that you can write on, wrap the present, then use the paper as the card. Simple, but really cute! After that I finished it off with some twine and a candy cane.


img_2010img_2022img_2051For the last one I took some old fabric I had laying around and tore along the side of it to create ribbon. Of course you can also buy ribbon, but if you have some extra fabric laying around it can be a good way to save a little bit of money.

Hope you like the post and happy holidays!🎄


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