My Travel Essentials


Recently my family moved and had to take a road trip, so I decided to share my travel essentials. These are things that I always put in my back pack when I go on a trip.

-Phone                                        -Headphones

-Sunglasses                               -Notebook

-A book                                       -Ipad

-Snacks                                       -First aid kit

-Jacket/Hoodie                         -Change of clothes

-Tissues                                      -Hair ties

-A scarf

I’ve been traveling and moving my whole life. What I take on trips has definitely changed, but for awhile now I’ve been pretty consistent with what I pack. These are just the things I put in my carry on or back pack. If you haven’t traveled much I hope this gave you some ideas of things to pack. Traveling can be so much fun. Good luck with your travels and I hope you enjoyed this post<3 



Tips to Help Stay Organized

1. Have a visible calendar

If you live with other people having a calendar out where everyone can write if they have something going on is incredibly helpful. Its also great for just you to see what your month is like.


2. Set reminders on your phone

I’m really bad about forgetting little things, so I started setting reminders on my phone just to make sure that I don’t forget something. It also motivates me when I know I have something I need to, but I want to be lazy.


3. Come up with a system that works for you

I like to color coat. Everything has a different color, school is pink, personal is blue, etc. Its very visual and I find it extremely helpful.


4. Have a list of things you need to accomplish/a to do list

This is also very visual. Having a list of things you need you need to get done makes it easier to plan out your day and it also makes you less likely to forget about something that needs to get done.


5. If you schedule something put it in your calendar 

A lot of things have to be planned in advance and when the date comes around it’s easy to forget that you had something to do. It also helps to make sure you don’t overbook your day.


It’s now 2017! At the beginning of every year I get organized and it usually lasts till The end of August. This year I’m going to attempt to stay organized throughout the year. Probably won’t happen, but it’s fun to try. I hope you found this post helpful:)

DIY Bath Bombs



1 cup Baking soda

1/2 cup Epson salt

1/2 cup Citric acid

1 tsp Water

2 tsp Essential oil (amount changes depending on how strong your essential oil is)

3 tsp Coconut oil or olive oil

Food dye (optional)


-Two containers (whatever you use will always smell like your essential oil)

-Something to mix with like a whisk. I don’t recommend using your hands to mix

-Spray bottle (optional, but helpful)

-Bath bomb molds




Step 1: Combine all your dry ingredients in one bowl. The epson salt, citric acid, and baking soda.

Step 2: Combine all your wet ingredients in another bowl. Coconut oil, water, and essential oil. If you want to add dye this is where you would add it.


Step 3: Slowly pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix. If you have a spray bottle pour the wet ingredients into it and slowly spray it onto the dry ingredients and mix. You want to go slow to prevent it from creating a reaction before you put them into water.


Step 4: Fill your molds and press together. Remove from molds and let dry, they should come right out.


I choose to make lemon batch bombs, because lemon is supposed to help you wake up and I also opted not to add coloring for this batch. This recipe makes about 4 medium sized bath bombs. Of course you can use any essential oil you want. When it comes to the food dye just slowly add a few drops until you get a few shades darker than what you want, because when you add it to the dry mixture the color will lighten.

Hope you enjoyed this post -A