My Travel Essentials


Recently my family moved and had to take a road trip, so I decided to share my travel essentials. These are things that I always put in my back pack when I go on a trip.

-Phone                                        -Headphones

-Sunglasses                               -Notebook

-A book                                       -Ipad

-Snacks                                       -First aid kit

-Jacket/Hoodie                         -Change of clothes

-Tissues                                      -Hair ties

-A scarf

I’ve been traveling and moving my whole life. What I take on trips has definitely changed, but for awhile now I’ve been pretty consistent with what I pack. These are just the things I put in my carry on or back pack. If you haven’t traveled much I hope this gave you some ideas of things to pack. Traveling can be so much fun. Good luck with your travels and I hope you enjoyed this post<3 



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