Five of my Favorite books


Plot: Wonderstruck is about a boy named Ben and a girl named Rose who are both looking for something. Ben starts looking for clues about his father, who he never knew and Rose dreams of an actress and keeps a scrapbook filled with her. Both children set off to find something. Ben’s story is told through words and Rosses through illustrations, but at the end of the book their stories come together.

I read Wonderstruck in seventh grade and fell in love with the book. Brian Selznick tells a story through his words and illustrations. I usually read it once every year and I enjoy it every time.

 mango_shaped_space_cd_cover_by_cinnamonsand-d61p1atA Mango Shaped Space

Mia Winchell has synesthesia, the mingling of perceptions whereby a person can see sounds, smell colors, or taste shapes. Forced to reveal her condition, she must look to herself to develop an understanding and appreciation of her gift in this coming-of-age novel.

I originally read this book for school, but ended up rereading it because of how much I enjoyed it. Mia struggles through the book with figuring out her synesthesia and dealing with preteen drama. It’s a great book for middle schoolers, but is still a good read for any age.

1200x630bfI’ll Be Yours

Plot: Harper is a teenager dealing with her bad past, her present, and her fears about the future. This YA novel is about letting go of some of your fears, the ups and downs of life, and first love.

I read this book quite recently thinking it was a light hearted teen novel, I was wrong. The book deals with more serious things like abuse and affairs. It is a really sweet love story, but it is quite sad.

fullsizeoutput_130Kissing Doorknobs 

Plot: The book follows a girl named Tara Sullivan as she deals with OCD, from discovering what she has, to managing it. The book raises awareness and also gives you a glimpse of the daily struggles that someone with OCD has to deal with.

I read this book in middle school and it was the first book I read that I didn’t want to put down until I finished it. A family member of mine has OCD and reading this book helped me to understand some of what she deals with day to day and how difficult it can be.

everythingeverythingEverything Everything

Plot: Maddy is allergic to the world and cannot leave her house, but when a boy moves next door she begins to become more curious about the outside world.

The book encourages you to live life and shows you that some things are worth the risks. The book will make you laugh and probably cry. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read.



A Mango Shaped Space:

I’ll Be Yours:

Kissing Doorknobs: 

Everything Everything: 


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