My Bucket List

  1. Cliff dive
  2. Ride in a gondila
  3. Learn how to line dance
  4. Break or set a world record
  5. Have my first kiss
  6. Own a guini pig
  7. Visit England
  8. Ride on a motorcycle
  9. Ride an elephant
  10. Visit Singapore
  11. Visit Thailand
  12. Zip line
  13. Start a youtube channel
  14. graduate high school
  15. Learn to penny-board
  16. Feed a kangaroo
  17. Sky dive
  18. Learn an instrument
  19. Go zorbing
  20. Ride in a helicopter
  21. Act in a play
  22. Ride in a farrari
  23. Ride a four wheeler
  24. Go to a lantern festival
  25. attend a ballet
  26. Ride in a hot air balloon
  27. Ride a camel
  28. Go to a bonfire
  29. Ride a segway
  30. Write a book
  31. Start a buisness
  32. Decorate a house
  33. Get a four pack
  34. Be in a tv show
  35. Dye my hair a crazy color
  36. Write a letter to my hero
  37. Learn to ballroom dance
  38. Ask someone out
  39. Learn to rock climb
  40. Go to Disney
  41. See a meteor shower
  42. Swim in the pool at Marina Bay Sands
  43. Ride a mechanical bull
  44. Be kissed by a sea lion
  45. See the HollyWood sign
  46. Try archery
  47. Create a family tree
  48. Get acupuncture done
  49. Play paintball
  50. Hold a monkey
  51. Name a star
  52. Jump into a pool fully clothed
  53. Start a blog
  54. Go on a cruz
  55. Get henna
  56. Race a go kart
  57. Ride in a Tuk Tuk
  58. Ride in a cabal car
  59. Fly first class
  60. Stay a night in a tiny house
  61. Visit a castle
  62. Visit a temple
  63. Go to at least ten states
  64. Learn ASL
  65. Go horseback riding
  66. Have a paint war
  67. Dance in the rain
  68. Go on a road trip
  69. Feed an elephant
  70. Try bubble tea


I’ve gotten to do a lot in my life and I’m still young so hopefully I get to have lots more adventures.


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