What I Eat in a Day

I like watching and reading peoples what I eat in a days for meal and snack ideas, so I decided to try one myself.


I know waffles aren’t the best thing in the world to eat, but I don’t think you need to give up anything that’s not like granola and fruit to be healthy. I try to just remember everything in moderation and as long as I’m healthy and happy I can’t ask for much more. I don’t make my waffles there frozen and made by Natures Pathfullsizeoutput_217


I eat rice pretty everyday. I lived in Asia for a few years growing up and it was just something that was always around and it was in most dishes. My mum used to make fried rice about once a week and every Wednesday my school had fried rice, so I ate it a lot, of course I loved it so I didn’t mind.


SNACK: Green Apple with Almond Butter

Today was a gym day, I ran about 2 kilometers and worked on my arms. After I get back from the gym I always go strait to the kitchen and eat a snack. I had a green apple with almond butter because it has lots of protein, which is good after a workout. I don’t like to eat large amounts right after a workout because I end up feeling sick if I do, but I am really hungry when I get back, so I find this is a great after gym snack for me.fullsizeoutput_208

SNACK: Smoothie

I love smoothies! I have one almost every single day. This is a raspberry and blueberry smoothie and it is so good.


DETOX WATER: Raspberry, blueberry, and mint

I forgot I was photographing my food, but I remembered when I was almost finished.


SNACK: That’s It Bar

My mum found these at the store one day and bought it for me to try. They taste a bit like fruit leathers, but there easier to eat. I like these because it’s a simple, healthy snack, that I can eat on the go.


DINNER: Salmon with lemon and homemade French fries.

I don’t actually fry my French fries, I just put a bit of oil on them and put them in the oven. Originally I started putting lemon on my salmon because I thought it looked pretty, but I ended up really liking the taste of the salmon and lemon together, which surprised me.


DESERT: VANILLA WAFFERSfullsizeoutput_218




My dog wanting attention<3 

I’m currently trying to be healthier, so I’ll see how it goes. Hope you enjoyed this post x


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