What I Pack For A Weekend Away

fullsizeoutput_26aI’ve been traveling ever since I was little, I was five when I went on my first flight alone, and I loved it. Last year was the first time since I was three that I didn’t go anywhere, so hopefully I can see a few places this year.fullsizeoutput_261fullsizeoutput_278Since it’s only a weekend trip I don’t need to take a lot of accessories, just some sunglasses, and a bracelet. Essentials are clothes and my camera, everything else slowly makes it’s way into my suitcase. I plan out my outfits for the weekend and I make sure I pack an extra outfit, just in case. I also like to pack work out clothes, most places I’m swimming and walking around, but if I’m just going to see family or friends we spend most of our time together talking and catching up. fullsizeoutput_26efullsizeoutput_26fI don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup, especially on trips I just like to relax and give my skin a break, but I do pack some in case I want to go out. fullsizeoutput_26dfullsizeoutput_274fullsizeoutput_26cfullsizeoutput_27afullsizeoutput_276Cosmetics are essential, I have tons of allergies so I can never use hotel soaps. If my trip is going to be longer than three days I’ll bring my travel bottles, but all I need is enough shampoo and conditioner for one shower, so to save space in my bag I put them in these little containers.fullsizeoutput_265I used to be really bad about over packing, I would bring about three bags for a three day trip, I now make a list and try to stick to it. I miss traveling and hopefully I’ll be able to travel a lot more and see more places. I have a list of places I want to go and I’m slowly checking places off. What place is at the top of your list to visit?fullsizeoutput_271

Hope you enjoyed this post x


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