Choosing a paint color

fullsizeoutput_3eeMy family tends to move every 6 months to two years and were about to move. Usually I live in rented places, so I have to get permission to paint, honestly since were going to be there a short time I usually don’t bother. My parents decided to buy a house and I plan on painting my room as soon as I can and since I just turned 18 hopefully it will be my last move with them before I move out. Three places ago I painted one of my walls lavender and even though I LOVE COLOR, I decided to go more neutral with this room. I went to Home Depot and got tons of paint swatches of different shades of white fullsizeoutput_3ebWhen picking paint keep in my mind your needs, if you have kids consider paint that’s washable for hand prints and the occasional wall drawing. I’m painting my walls white and considering how clumsy I am does worry me, but maybe it’ll just make me more careful, hopefully.

As for my office I’m going with grey, because I will be working a lot in there and I know I’m bound to accidentally hit walls moving things and grey shows less wear and tear then white. fullsizeoutput_3ec

The last step before buying paint is getting a sample to test on your wall, because you don’t want to be stuck with a paint color you hate. Paint a sample on your wall and the next day look at it different times of the day, because the color will look slightly different in the morning then it does in the afternoon. Of course if you really end up hating the color you can repaint, that’s just a lot of extra time. Good luck! I hope you love whatever color you pick.



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