getting back to the things that make me happy

Life has been hectic recently, so all of my attention has been on getting things done. Things are starting to calm down now, so I’m trying to start doing things I love again. I started with working out and I’m crazy sore, but it’s nice to be working out again. Exercise for me is a stress reliever. It helps me sleep and have energy.

I’ve also been trying to write again. I actually stopped writing before things started getting hectic. I’ve always written for myself before I ever started writing on my blog. I felt like I couldn’t even write in my journal anymore. I never had writers block that bad before. I felt like I had lost something important to me and didn’t know how to get it back. Over time my writers block has gone away and I think being in a new place has helped.

I missed a few years of my life due to my health. I know how lucky I am to be able to live it now and I want to spend it doing everything I possibly can. Even in the little moments I want to enjoy my life. Dancing around the kitchen, random handstands, writing, singing badly at the top of my lungs in the car. Most importantly spending time with people I care about, because they make life amazing.


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