summer break boredom

I like being busy with a couple of moments of good down time to unwind. Now that I’m on break I’m going crazy. The hours and hours normally put into school are now vacant. I have finished two paintings, written three blog post, started working more hours, read a book, went shopping, taken hundreds of photos, and I still have time only hands. What do people do with all this free time?


I decided to do all the things I normally don’t have time to do. I started practicing the ukulele again and writing more in my journal. I also finished decorating my apartment after seven months of living here. I plan on trying yoga and maybe taking a workout class.


It has been fun getting to read books for fun not for school. I read a book about orca whales and currently I’m reading a funny teen novel. There really is no real point to this blog post. I just had a lot of time on my hands today, so I decided to take some photos and write a quick post. I feel like the only person that complains about having to much free time, but that’s just my personality.

picnic and a hike. I’m 20 now!

For the past couple of years I’ve avoided celebrating my birthday, but this year I had a change of heart. My boyfriend told me that I should be selfish for a day and do what I want. I decided to go hiking, then a picnic, to the mall for shopping, and ended the day with ice cream and waffles and a movie. I had so much fun hiking and some of the path on the trail reminded me of a scene from an anime called Sword Art Online which made me really excited. There was a beautiful spot to have a picnic near the parking lot.



I’m obsessed with bento boxes and decided that’s what I wanted. I got very sunburnt laying out in the sun, but it felt really nice and I loved it. My boyfriend got me an amazing picnic basket for my birthday and I was happy to get to use it. IMG_7726IMG_7727IMG_7728

Even though I don’t think typically eat sugar I love ice cream and waffles and it’s something that is nice to have to celebrate. I still don’t feel like I’m twenty, it feels just like nineteen so far. This was one of my favorite birthdays. I spent the day doing things that I love with someone that means a lot to me.


I’m getting re-inspired and I’ve been taking pictures and writing again, so hopefully I’ll start being more active on this blog again x