Daiso Haul

fullsizeoutput_768When I lived in Asia I used to love going to the Daiso, but when I moved back to the states their weren’t any. When I heard that the Diaso was now in the states I was really excited and wanted to go immediately. It looked and smelled just like the one I used to go to and honestly made me miss Asia a bit. It used to be that everything their was two dollars and I’m not sure if it’s because tax or shipping, but the prices tend to vary a bit more here. Most of the stuff I got was two dollars, but I got one item that was four.

fullsizeoutput_777fullsizeoutput_769I got this to use as a makeup bag. I’m not really sure if that is it’s intended use, as I can’t speak whatever language was on the tag, but it works really well as one.

fullsizeoutput_76afullsizeoutput_776I got a few things for my office. The first thing I got was these really cute gold paper clips that say love. I also got folders to help keep organized. I know it’s no longer summer, but the gold pineapples were so cute I decided to get the folder anyway.

fullsizeoutput_773I don’t have a lot of fall or winter clothes, so I got this hat. It was only four dollars and I thought it would be a good idea to have one as it snows in the winter where I currently live. I have been looking for a hat like this for about a year and a half and I guess I was looking in the wrong places. Now I really want winter to come so I can wear this hat, but at the same time I hate the cold and wish it would be warm year round.


I hope you liked this post x


Small Ikea Haul


Recently I went to Ikea with my mum. The plan was to get a few things for the new place, but that isn’t what happened. For the most part I stuck to my list though I got a few small items that I found while walking around.

The first item I got is a light bulb. I have wanted this since the first time I saw it and I finally decided to buy it. fullsizeoutput_6ea.jpeg

The second item is a cactus. I got multiple plants and pots, but the rest will be in a separate post.fullsizeoutput_6e0

I also picked up a plain grey pillow for the chair in my bedroom. The last item I bought is a blanket. 

Fall is here and although it is still warm where I live the cold is coming and I’m preparing. I do not like the cold, so the more warm stuff the better. fullsizeoutput_6e8

Everything looks really cute in my room! I hope you have a great day x

5 of My Favorite Bloggers


I’m really bad about taking time to check out new blogs, but one way I do is by reading peoples post about their favorites. I find those post so helpful so I decided to do one myself. I am currently moving, so this post is going to be shorter than usual. None the less I hope you enjoy it and find this post helpful.

Oriana’s Notes– This is a lifestyle blog. Their are post about fashion, hair, food, and DIYs; I find that I don’t get bored of this blog because of the large variety of content. This is one of the first blogs I ever followed. I’ve been reading it for around a year and I still love it.

Olive and Clo– This blog has some of the most beautiful pictures. Most of the post have to do with fashion and travel. She is based in Australia and the scenery in a lot of her pictures is absolutely beautiful. While most of he post are about fashion their are also post about recipes, advice, and just things that interest her. Their no front when you read her blog, their’s no gimmick or character, just her. I love reading this blog and I also highly recommend following her Instagram as her pictures are stunning.

The Southern Palette– I ended up following this blog a few months ago because of a post she wrote called My Five Favorite Online Boutiques. I ended up really liking the content and it has become one of my favorite blogs to read.

Lids and Tricks– I usually put a lot of focus on pictures when I’m reading blog post, although with this blog I focus more on the writing. I enjoy her post so much; her writing and content are both amazing.



I hope you liked this post and if you have any blog recommendation please leave a comment I’m always looking for a new blog to read x

5 Detox Water Recipes and Benefits

fullsizeoutput_381Raspberries, blueberries, and mint:

Instructions: Rinse the blueberries, mint, and raspberries and put them in a container. Pour water in the container and leave it overnight.


fullsizeoutput_5f6Cucumber and lemon: This is great for boosting your immune system, keeping you hydrated, and removes harmful toxins from your body. You can add meant to this one if you would like.

Instructions: Cut up the lemon and cumber and add everything to your container. This one does’t need long, I usually let it sit for half an hour and it’s plenty strong.


Raspberries, cucumber, and mint: It will boost your metabolism and flush out toxins. Its a great detox water to have if your felling a bit sluggish.


fullsizeoutput_4acLemon, blueberry, and raspberry: I recommend this one if you feel like your gonna get sick, or it’s flu season. It has lots of vitamin c


Red ApplesApple Detox water: The apple will act as an energy booster, I like to have it around one in the afternoon when I’m starting to slow down. This drink also bust your metabolism and has lots of antioxidents. You can add a pinch of cinnamon if you want, I personally like it plain, but it depends on you preference.

Instructions: Cut 5 thin slices of a sweet apple(you can add more if you want)add water and let sit for at least ten minutes. If you want it to be stronger make it up the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight.


Water can get a bit boring sometimes and fruit and herbs can add some flavor when I want something besides water to drink. Their refreshing and perfect for summer. I hope this was helpful x


My Summer Essentials

fullsizeoutput_4ebSummer has always been one of my favorite seasons. The warmth, getting to see friends, and I tend to travel more during the summer. I’ve traveled almost every summer since I was five and always loved it! I have so many great memories from summer and hopefully I’ll make some more this year. This is also my first summer as an adult(if I can be considered an adult). Is 18 an adult? I feel like at 18 you’re in-between being a teenager and an adult, but that’s not what this post is about, sorry I tend to ramble. Here are a few things I will be using constantly throughout this summer!

fullsizeoutput_4d8.jpegSwimsuits- I love spending my summer by the pool, so swimsuits are an obvious must

fullsizeoutput_4ecPolaroid Camera- I’m planning on taking lots of cute shots this summer!

fullsizeoutput_4e2IMG_5630fullsizeoutput_4e4CC or BB cream, E.L.F. concealer, and Too Faced Funfetti blush- These are great for creating a natural summer look

fullsizeoutput_4e0Sea-salt spray and Hair rings- Beach waves and braids are two of my favorite summer hairstyles and these just help achieve the perfect look

fullsizeoutput_4eefullsizeoutput_4dfsummer essentialsShorts, Flip flops, and Foot jewelry- I only recently started wearing four jewelry and now I’m obsessed with it. It’s the perfect accessory to complete my summer look. During the summer I practically live in shorts and flip flops are my go-to for when I’m heading to the pool.

fullsizeoutput_4e5fullsizeoutput_4e6Sunglasses- I have really sensitive eyes and without sunglasses I will spend the day squinting. I also just love sunglasses and probably have way to many pairs

fullsizeoutput_505Sunscreen and Sunhat’s- I burn extremely easily, so I try to be really careful, and make sure I have sun protection. Tanning doesn’t work for me, instead of getting a sun-kiss glow, I end up looking like a tomato threw up on me. Weather you burn easily or not sunscreen is a good idea.

I hope you liked this post and have a great summer<3

What I Pack For A Weekend Away

fullsizeoutput_26aI’ve been traveling ever since I was little, I was five when I went on my first flight alone, and I loved it. Last year was the first time since I was three that I didn’t go anywhere, so hopefully I can see a few places this year.fullsizeoutput_261fullsizeoutput_278Since it’s only a weekend trip I don’t need to take a lot of accessories, just some sunglasses, and a bracelet. Essentials are clothes and my camera, everything else slowly makes it’s way into my suitcase. I plan out my outfits for the weekend and I make sure I pack an extra outfit, just in case. I also like to pack work out clothes, most places I’m swimming and walking around, but if I’m just going to see family or friends we spend most of our time together talking and catching up. fullsizeoutput_26efullsizeoutput_26fI don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup, especially on trips I just like to relax and give my skin a break, but I do pack some in case I want to go out. fullsizeoutput_26dfullsizeoutput_274fullsizeoutput_26cfullsizeoutput_27afullsizeoutput_276Cosmetics are essential, I have tons of allergies so I can never use hotel soaps. If my trip is going to be longer than three days I’ll bring my travel bottles, but all I need is enough shampoo and conditioner for one shower, so to save space in my bag I put them in these little containers.fullsizeoutput_265I used to be really bad about over packing, I would bring about three bags for a three day trip, I now make a list and try to stick to it. I miss traveling and hopefully I’ll be able to travel a lot more and see more places. I have a list of places I want to go and I’m slowly checking places off. What place is at the top of your list to visit?fullsizeoutput_271

Hope you enjoyed this post x

Turning 18+18 Things I’ve Learnt

Life definitely never follow’s a plan, which can be exciting, but it’s also TERRIFYING. It’s my birthday and even though I’m only turning 18 I already have lots of regrets and as I grow up I will continue to make mistakes. I have three older sibling and watching them and the mistakes they made I was able to avoid making some of the same mistakes, instead I just made my own; still sharing what you’ve learnt can help someone else, I know a lot of people helped me. Here are 18 things I have learnt

  1. Making mistakes is apart of life so don’t be so scared of them(I am a perfectionist and whenever I mess something up or struggle I get so frustrated and upset. One of my biggest things is not doing something because I’m scared of failing, but if you don’t fail you won’t grow.)
  2. Don’t keep everything inside
  3. It’s ok to try lots of different things, but if you find something that you love to do, hold onto it
  4. Don’t think so much about the future that you miss the present
  5. Life isn’t as colorful without dreams
  6. Nothing in life is perfect, but it’s the imperfections that make it real
  7. If your not happy with your present, work to make your future better
  8. It’s amazing how much the little things mean
  9. While it’s good to be realistic, if you have a dream you should try to follow it; even if it seems impossible. If you don’t you’ll always wonder what if
  10. Being scared is perfectly normal, but don’t let fear rule your life and stop you from doing things(unless it’s something really dangerous)
  11. Go for it! You have this life so try to live it as best you can and have fun
  12. Smile:) In life their is so much bad, so in those good moments just focus on what’s happening, not on all the other stuff
  13. It’s ok to ask for help
  14. Most things in life are going to be a lot of work, but most of the time it’s worth it, especially if it’s something or someone that you love.
  15. Everyone is different and you have to figure out what’s right for you in life
  16. AlWAYS make time for the ones you love, because you never know how much time you have with them
  17. Sometimes it’s better to regret something you did rather then something you didn’t do
  18. Being surrounded by friends and family who love you can make the hard times a little bit easier


I’m 18! I’m honestly completely terrified, but their are some perks like: I can sky dive, get a tattoo, live on my own, I can legally drink in some countries(mostly excited because I can go dancing in clubs). On the downside Turning 18 comes with a lot of responsibility, I’m not a kid anymore, of course I still have a lot of growing up to do. A lot of my friends and people I know can’t wait to grow up, but ever since I was a kid I wanted to stay young. I would look at the adults around me and they always seemed stressed or upset, while the kids were usually running around and laughing; I know some adults are quite happy, but their is no denying that as you grow up life tends to get harder. Of course everyone has to grow up at some point, we can’t be Peter Pan, besides because Peter never grew up, he never got to experience some of the best things in life. In any case no matter how scared I am, I’m now an adult, and I’m excited to see what the next chapter in my life will be like. fullsizeoutput_1d8


Hopefully you took something useful away from my rambling




What I Eat in a Day

I like watching and reading peoples what I eat in a days for meal and snack ideas, so I decided to try one myself.


I know waffles aren’t the best thing in the world to eat, but I don’t think you need to give up anything that’s not like granola and fruit to be healthy. I try to just remember everything in moderation and as long as I’m healthy and happy I can’t ask for much more. I don’t make my waffles there frozen and made by Natures Pathfullsizeoutput_217


I eat rice pretty everyday. I lived in Asia for a few years growing up and it was just something that was always around and it was in most dishes. My mum used to make fried rice about once a week and every Wednesday my school had fried rice, so I ate it a lot, of course I loved it so I didn’t mind.


SNACK: Green Apple with Almond Butter

Today was a gym day, I ran about 2 kilometers and worked on my arms. After I get back from the gym I always go strait to the kitchen and eat a snack. I had a green apple with almond butter because it has lots of protein, which is good after a workout. I don’t like to eat large amounts right after a workout because I end up feeling sick if I do, but I am really hungry when I get back, so I find this is a great after gym snack for me.fullsizeoutput_208

SNACK: Smoothie

I love smoothies! I have one almost every single day. This is a raspberry and blueberry smoothie and it is so good.


DETOX WATER: Raspberry, blueberry, and mint

I forgot I was photographing my food, but I remembered when I was almost finished.


SNACK: That’s It Bar

My mum found these at the store one day and bought it for me to try. They taste a bit like fruit leathers, but there easier to eat. I like these because it’s a simple, healthy snack, that I can eat on the go.


DINNER: Salmon with lemon and homemade French fries.

I don’t actually fry my French fries, I just put a bit of oil on them and put them in the oven. Originally I started putting lemon on my salmon because I thought it looked pretty, but I ended up really liking the taste of the salmon and lemon together, which surprised me.


DESERT: VANILLA WAFFERSfullsizeoutput_218




My dog wanting attention<3 

I’m currently trying to be healthier, so I’ll see how it goes. Hope you enjoyed this post x

Spring Cleaning

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. The weather starts getting warmer and flowers start to bloom, but it’s also the time of year I go through all my stuff and try to get rid of some things that I no longer need. I get quite attached to certain things, so I just try to focus on when the last time I used the item and if I really need(I definitely keep things that I should get rid of, but have some sort of memory attached to them). I’m particularly bad about getting rid of shoes; I have two pairs of shoes with giant holes on both shoes, but my shoes always reminded me of where I have been. In any case spring feels like a time of new beggings, that’s why I try to start it with decluttering and trying to break bad habits like putting things off as much as I possibly can. fullsizeoutput_1fd

When going through stuff I usually start with my wardrobe. It’s good to start with things that I never wear or getting rid of things that don’t fit anymore. I have a fairly small wardrobe so I find this pretty easy. fullsizeoutput_1fa

After everything has been gone through it is time to start cleaning:o

Thankfully spring isn’t just about cleaning; it’s a great time for picnics, bike rides, and spending time with family and friends.

Happy Sping ❤

My Bucket List

  1. Cliff dive
  2. Ride in a gondila
  3. Learn how to line dance
  4. Break or set a world record
  5. Have my first kiss
  6. Own a guini pig
  7. Visit England
  8. Ride on a motorcycle
  9. Ride an elephant
  10. Visit Singapore
  11. Visit Thailand
  12. Zip line
  13. Start a youtube channel
  14. graduate high school
  15. Learn to penny-board
  16. Feed a kangaroo
  17. Sky dive
  18. Learn an instrument
  19. Go zorbing
  20. Ride in a helicopter
  21. Act in a play
  22. Ride in a farrari
  23. Ride a four wheeler
  24. Go to a lantern festival
  25. attend a ballet
  26. Ride in a hot air balloon
  27. Ride a camel
  28. Go to a bonfire
  29. Ride a segway
  30. Write a book
  31. Start a buisness
  32. Decorate a house
  33. Get a four pack
  34. Be in a tv show
  35. Dye my hair a crazy color
  36. Write a letter to my hero
  37. Learn to ballroom dance
  38. Ask someone out
  39. Learn to rock climb
  40. Go to Disney
  41. See a meteor shower
  42. Swim in the pool at Marina Bay Sands
  43. Ride a mechanical bull
  44. Be kissed by a sea lion
  45. See the HollyWood sign
  46. Try archery
  47. Create a family tree
  48. Get acupuncture done
  49. Play paintball
  50. Hold a monkey
  51. Name a star
  52. Jump into a pool fully clothed
  53. Start a blog
  54. Go on a cruz
  55. Get henna
  56. Race a go kart
  57. Ride in a Tuk Tuk
  58. Ride in a cabal car
  59. Fly first class
  60. Stay a night in a tiny house
  61. Visit a castle
  62. Visit a temple
  63. Go to at least ten states
  64. Learn ASL
  65. Go horseback riding
  66. Have a paint war
  67. Dance in the rain
  68. Go on a road trip
  69. Feed an elephant
  70. Try bubble tea


I’ve gotten to do a lot in my life and I’m still young so hopefully I get to have lots more adventures.