What I Eat In a Day

I love reading peoples What I Eat in a Day posts. I don’t know why, but I find them really interesting. I try to eat pretty healthy and balanced. Since I workout I try to make sure I’m eating enough protein and just enough food in general. I’ve gotten a lot more into nutrition over the past few weeks and my diet has slowly been changing. I took the photos for this post on a Monday and this way a very typical day for me as far as what I ate…

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5 Detox Water Recipes and Benefits

fullsizeoutput_381Raspberries, blueberries, and mint:

Instructions: Rinse the blueberries, mint, and raspberries and put them in a container. Pour water in the container and leave it overnight.


fullsizeoutput_5f6Cucumber and lemon: This is great for boosting your immune system, keeping you hydrated, and removes harmful toxins from your body. You can add meant to this one if you would like.

Instructions: Cut up the lemon and cumber and add everything to your container. This one does’t need long, I usually let it sit for half an hour and it’s plenty strong.


Raspberries, cucumber, and mint: It will boost your metabolism and flush out toxins. Its a great detox water to have if your felling a bit sluggish.


fullsizeoutput_4acLemon, blueberry, and raspberry: I recommend this one if you feel like your gonna get sick, or it’s flu season. It has lots of vitamin c


Red ApplesApple Detox water: The apple will act as an energy booster, I like to have it around one in the afternoon when I’m starting to slow down. This drink also bust your metabolism and has lots of antioxidents. You can add a pinch of cinnamon if you want, I personally like it plain, but it depends on you preference.

Instructions: Cut 5 thin slices of a sweet apple(you can add more if you want)add water and let sit for at least ten minutes. If you want it to be stronger make it up the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight.


Water can get a bit boring sometimes and fruit and herbs can add some flavor when I want something besides water to drink. Their refreshing and perfect for summer. I hope this was helpful x


What I Eat in a Day

I like watching and reading peoples what I eat in a days for meal and snack ideas, so I decided to try one myself.


I know waffles aren’t the best thing in the world to eat, but I don’t think you need to give up anything that’s not like granola and fruit to be healthy. I try to just remember everything in moderation and as long as I’m healthy and happy I can’t ask for much more. I don’t make my waffles there frozen and made by¬†Natures Pathfullsizeoutput_217


I eat rice pretty everyday. I lived in Asia for a few years growing up and it was just something that was always around and it was in most dishes. My mum used to make fried rice about once a week and every Wednesday my school had fried rice, so I ate it a lot, of course I loved it so I didn’t mind.


SNACK: Green Apple with Almond Butter

Today was a gym day, I ran about 2 kilometers and worked on my arms. After I get back from the gym I always go strait to the kitchen and eat a snack. I had a green apple with almond butter because it has lots of protein, which is good after a workout. I don’t like to eat large amounts right after a workout because I end up feeling sick if I do, but I am really hungry when I get back, so I find this is a great after gym snack for me.fullsizeoutput_208

SNACK: Smoothie

I love smoothies! I have one almost every single day. This is a raspberry and blueberry smoothie and it is so good.


DETOX WATER: Raspberry, blueberry, and mint

I forgot I was photographing my food, but I remembered when I was almost finished.


SNACK: That’s It Bar

My mum found these at the store one day and bought it for me to try. They taste a bit like fruit leathers, but there easier to eat. I like these because it’s a simple, healthy snack, that I can eat on the go.


DINNER: Salmon with lemon and homemade French fries.

I don’t actually fry my French fries, I just put a bit of oil on them and put them in the oven. Originally I started putting lemon on my salmon because I thought it looked pretty, but I ended up really liking the taste of the salmon and lemon together, which surprised me.


DESERT: VANILLA WAFFERSfullsizeoutput_218




My dog wanting attention<3 

I’m currently trying to be healthier, so I’ll see how it goes. Hope you enjoyed this post x