Room Tour

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My family just moved which makes a grand total of fourteen moves. Every time I move I get to decorate a new space(one of the few good things about moving a lot). Since all my siblings have moved out my parents decided to down size; we moved into a small apartment that has a little more square footage then a tiny house. Most of the space is taken up by closet space, but I still really like it. Also love the wall color, I know its grey, but most apartments and town homes paint the walls this sandy color. I like the sandy color, but its nice to have a change. For this room I decided to use bright colors as accents so they don’t feel overwhelming, especially since its a smaller space, and made the primary colors neutral. Even though I am terrible with them every time we move I buy a plant and attempt to keep it alive, they usually only lasts three months, I guess my sister got the green thumb. I also probably have way to many pillows, but their so cute!


My dogs being adorable<3


Hope you liked this post x


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