Easy DIY White Henna

White henna is a new trend; it looks a lot like regular henna, but since it doesn’t have henna leaves it doesn’t stain your skin. If you purchase white henna it usually last three to ten days, this can be washed off, but its perfect for sleepovers and photoshoots. I also know a lot of schools don’t allow henna, so this is something you can have for the weekend and get rid of before school. This is not actual henna paste, it’s just a fun cheap way to get a similar look. fullsizeoutput_35bfullsizeoutput_36efullsizeoutput_36d

What you’ll need:

  • Body or face paint
  • Elmers glue
  • Glitter
  • Corn Starch(optional)



  1. Mix equal parts paint and glue together
  2. Once mixed pour into baggie and cut a really small hole in the baggie(you can also use a needle to poke a hole in the corner of the bag before you pour the mixture into the baggie)
  3. Start your design, google and Pinterest are great places to look for inspiration
  4. Once you have your design sprinkle a little glitter over it. This does dry quite quickly, so I recommend putting the glitter on a you go
  5. Once your finished dust some corn starch over your design to help it stay a little better.


If you have henna bottles I would recommend using that to create your design, I used a baggie to create this one. This will wash off and even though everything is non-toxic I wouldn’t recommend putting this on your face.

Hope you liked this post ❤ Please leave a comment down below if you try this!


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